Alaska is known for its stunning natural landscapes, but don’t overlook the wildlife that calls “The Last Frontier” home. Some of the state’s most intriguing critters aren’t found on land but in the sky. Alaska has a wide variety of birds, many of which are incredibly fascinating. Whether you’re interested in learning about the best birds to hunt in Alaska or just want to know more about our feathered friends, the team at Island Point Lodge has you covered. Our fishing lodge in Petersburg is surrounded by wildlife, including Alaska birds.

Alaska Bird Species

There are over 240 species of birds in Alaska, and our location gives guests a prime opportunity to spot many of them; birders have spotted over 130 species near Petersburg. The Stikine River is an attractive destination for migratory and breeding birds, providing our guests with an abundance of birds to spot.

One of the area’s most notable birds is the bald eagle. The bald eagle is found in many places throughout Alaska, but they tend to nest near the beaches around Petersburg. The western screech owl is another bird commonly found around the same area.

The Swan Observatory is an excellent place for some birding. Located 16 miles south of Petersburg, this wildlife viewing area attracts a wide range of birds, perhaps most notably the trumpeter swan. During fall migration, hundreds of trumpeter swans flock to this area. Canada goose, mallard, belted kingfisher, and bald eagle are other common sightings.

Birds to Hunt in Alaska

Many of our guests aren’t just anglers but also hunters. While we don’t offer hunting expeditions, we can provide you with some background on some of the birds to hunt in Alaska. Before setting off on a hunt of your own, be sure to purchase a small game hunting license.


You can hunt three species of grouse in Alaska: spruce, ruffled, and sharp-tailed. The hunting season for all three species is the same: early August through mid-May. Be sure to check out the Department of Fish and Game website for exact dates and limits.


Alaska also allows you to hunt three species of ptarmigan birds. These species include the willow ptarmigan, rock ptarmigan, and white-tailed ptarmigan. The ptarmigan hunting season runs from the beginning of August to the middle of June. Fun fact: the willow ptarmigan is Alaska’s state bird.

Embrace the Wilderness at Island Point Lodge

You can surround yourself with the birds and fish of Alaska when you stay at Island Point Lodge. We are one of the best fishing destinations in Alaska. We have comfortable accommodations for your vacation to Petersburg. For more details, visit our rates page or call 800-352-4522 today.