Self Guided Fishing in Alaska

Alaska King Salmon

Island Point Lodge is located in the heart of the Alaska’s Inside Passage which produces abundant fishing runs throughout the summer months. King salmon fishing is one of the favorites for our guests and you’ll get a chance to tangle with plenty of King Salmon on your next Alaska self-guided fishing trip. Kings are big fish, they fight hard and they’re delicious to eat. We fish in protected waters that surround the port of Petersburg. King Salmon (Chinook) average 20-35 pounds, although a 40-pound king is not unusual. Casting, trolling and mooching are the most effective fishing methods. Fly fishing for Kings is productive, especially with egg patterns. Line test is 30 pounds. End of April to July run dates.

Alaska Silver Salmon

Many of our guests highly regard the Coho Salmon season as one of the most action packed salmon runs in the Inside Passage. When the Silver Salmon bite comes on, it’s thrilling because these fish jump around and put up a strong fight. Island Point Lodge will provide everything you need to get hooked with plenty of Coho. Our fishing lodge guests fish around the port of Petersburg and there’s plenty to see on your way to the fishing grounds. Silver Salmon (Coho) average 8-15 pounds and are caught by trolling and casting (excellent for fly fishing). Line test is 8-12 pounds. Mid-July to October run dates.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Red Salmon fishing is another popular Season here in Petersburg, Alaska. Reds put up a good fight and make excellent table fare. We get a pretty solid run each summer and when the bite is on you will know. We will provide you all the gear that you’ll need to be successful on the water when fishing for Alaska sockeye. Just bring your camera and because there’s a lot to see and you might get a trophy fish. Red Salmon (Sockeye) is a smaller fish than the 2 previously mentioned, averaging 4-10 pounds and are caught by casting or fly fishing. Line test is 4-10 pounds. Mid-June to Mid-August run dates.

Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters

Our Alaska fishing lodge is located in the natural waters of the Inside Passage and the Alaska Halibut fishing is off the charts amazing. Halibut is the largest flatfish in the world, averaging 100 pounds, with some exceeding 400 pounds. Halibut is king of the bottom fish in the North Pacific. These fish are very strong and deliver heart pounding runs on heavy tackle. Island Point Lodge will get you setup with everything you need to reel in one of these goliaths. Halibut fishing requires a boat rod and a suitable reel. Line test is 80-100 pounds. End of April to October run dates.