Alaska Self Guided Black Bear Hunting & Halibut Fishing Trip

Island Point Lodge offers a 10 day self guided Alaska Black Bear hunt and self guided Halibut fishing combination trip in the Spring. Self guided means the lodge can do nothing to help you. You must find the bear yourself, shoot the bear, gut it, bring is back to the lodge and skin the bear preparing the hide for the Fish & Game inspection. The spring bear are coming out of hibernation and they are lean with thick furs. They will be found primarily on the beaches feeding on the spring grasses and clams. They will be waiting for the sun to come out to warm themselves, this w5ll give the hunter the opportunity to fish for Halibut. Halibut limits are two per day, any size.

Cruising the islands and using binoculars, the hunter will look for a black spot on the beach. Once he is certain the spot is a black bear, he will need to check for wind direction, circle down wind and go ashore to stalk the bear. The most important thing to remember never leave your boat unattended. If you do, you will return either to find the boat grounded or floating away with the tide. We have very high and low tides, the water moves quickly, 15 minutes is an eternity in Alaskan waters.

For more information regarding licenses in the Petersburg you can call the Petersburg Fish & Game at 907-772-3801. Plan your bear hunting trips a year and a half before you want to go. There are licenses that require a drawing and then there are over the counter licenses. The Fish & Game office will brief you on your choices.