Alaska Fish Run Dates

Alaska Fishing Schedule

The end of April marks the beginning of the fish run season, with King Salmon and Halibut fishing getting underway. Dungeness crab is excellent at this time as well.

Approximate fish run dates are through October. Check out our season schedule for more details.

There are 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of beautiful Alaskan coastline. Several rivers are located within 45 minutes of our Lodge and offer the spinner, caster and fly fisherman the chance to catch different types of salmon, halibut, and trout. At least one member of your fishing entourage will need to have the ability to operate small motor craft.

Our self-guided fishing trips give you the opportunity to catch different types of salmon (King, Coho, Pink, Sockeye, Chum), rock fish, trout, halibut and Dungeness Crab. Each fisher is allowed three crabs per day under the Alaska Fishing License regulations.

The rods and reels necessary for Alaska Salmon and Halibut fishing will depend on the salmon/halibut and style of fishing that you wish to do.

For example:

  • King Salmon (Chinook) will average 20-35 pounds, although a 40-pound king is not unusual. Casting, trolling and mooching are the methods used. Fly fishing is productive, especially with egg patterns. Line test is 30 pounds. End of April to July run dates.
  • Red Salmon (Sockeye) is smaller, averaging 4-10 pounds and are caught by casting and fly fishing. Line test is 4-10 pounds. Mid-June to Mid-August run dates.
  • Pink Salmon (Humpies) is the smallest of the salmon family, averaging 2-5 pounds, and are caught by casting and fly fishing. Line test is 4-10 pounds. Mid-July to Mid-September run dates.
  • Chum Salmon (Dog) average 6-12 pounds and are caught by casting. Line test is 8-15 pounds. Mid-June to August run dates.
  • Silver Salmon (Coho) average 8-15 pounds and are caught by trolling and casting (excellent for fly fishing). Line test is 8-12 pounds. Mid-July to October run dates.
  • Halibut is the largest flatfish in the world, averaging 100 pounds, with some exceeding 400 pounds. Halibut fishing requires a boat rod and a suitable reel. Line test is 80-100 pounds. End of April to October run dates.
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Fishing for Salmon

Trolling for salmon directly in front of the lodge is best done at dawn and early morning. Note that salmon tend to stay at the bottom so using weights is recommended as well as brightly colored lures (red, pink, orange, chartreuse) and imitation salmon eggs for bait. Halibut move seasonally between shallow and deep waters and are typically found on or near the bottom of mud, sand or gravel banks.

A license is required in Alaska for sports fishing, including a King Salmon Stamp. To obtain a fishing license, visit Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Additionally, check out the sport fishing regulations section for Southeast Alaska, including the Petersburg area.

After a long day of fishing, come back to the Lodge for a delicious dinner ready for your enjoyment. We’ll clean and fillet your catch, preparing it for you to package it to be shipped back home.

Imagine fishing daily from dusk to dawn if you choose.

Catch the fish of your dreams and make memories that will last a lifetime with a fishing trip that fits your budget. Contact us today.

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