An avid angler hauls a large halibut that was caught during fall fishing season.Fall fishing in Alaska has many perks that some people may not realize. The crisp autumn air makes the weather relatively comfortable. The alpine woodlands will begin to transform from a uniform green to hues of red, yellow, and orange, providing the perfect backdrop for an Alaska fishing vacation. And most importantly, there will be less pressure from other anglers as the tourist season comes to an end. Not only that, but there will also be far fewer mosquitoes and other pesky insects! Situated on the shores of Kupreanof Island, Island Point Lodge, is Petersburg, Alaska’s premier self-guided fishing charter and your gateway to an unforgettable excursion into one of the most pristine areas of the world. To help get you acclimated, we devised a brief guide that will give you an idea of what to expect.

Fall Fishing: An Alaska Fishing Vacation to Remember

Before getting started, we recommend taking a look at the Alaska fishing report to fully understand the regulations and find out what’s been going on in the Petersburg, Alaska area. Most of the fall fishing in our neck of the woods will focus on halibut and silver salmon, also known as coho. Below we highlight the previously mentioned species.

Silver Salmon

Known as a vigorous fighter, silver salmon are relatively large, averaging eight to fifteen pounds with some exceeding 20! Considered by many visitors as one of the more action-packed runs, coho will often fly out of the water upon setting your hook, displaying a picturesque show of acrobatics. Typically landed by trolling or casting, anglers will be pleased to know the coho run lasts through October.


The Inside Passage’s crystal clear waters lend themselves to create some of the best halibut fishing in Alaska, if not the world, and is an experience every avid angler should obtain. Halibut is widely considered the king of the seafloor and is the largest flatfish, as most specimens average 100 pounds. Halibut fishing requires a boat and a line test of at least 80 pounds, but don’t worry! Island Point Lodge will provide everything you need for a successful outing.

An Alaska Fishing Vacation on Kupreanof Island

Ideally located in one of the state’s most productive fisheries, Island Point Lodge is the perfect basecamp for fall fishing in Alaska. With modern accommodations, three meals a day, and access to our fleet of boats with all the necessary accessories, it’s no surprise that many of our guests visit more than once. For more information to plan your Alaska fishing vacation, please visit our website or call 800-352-4522.