A fly rod and reel combo, decorated with an assortment of flies, rests at the ready.The abundance of trout and salmon provided by the Alaskan wilderness is in no small part due to the mindful conservation of our crystal clear waters and pristine alpine wilderness. By now, most people have gone fishing with a standard rod and reel at least once in their lifetime, but not everyone has had the privilege to experience fly fishing in Alaska. Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska, is the quintessential destination for those seeking solitude and tranquility in one of the state’s most productive fisheries.

Must-Have Items for Fly Fishing in Alaska

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you’ve spent significant time limiting on eaters or chasing trophy fish. You may even consider yourself an avid angler. Think back to where it all began—the care-free summers of your younger days. You and your peers probably spent hours fishing, day after day, searching for nothing more than an escape from mowing lawns and the tyranny of adult supervision.


As meaningful as our youthful adventures are, most of us weren’t fly fishing for salmon and trout. Fly fishing in Alaska takes a certain level of patience that most kids, let alone adults haven’t achieved. In addition to the commitment employed by its enthusiasts, fly-fishing is a relatively involved sport. To get you more acquainted with your new favorite hobby, we put together a quick list of must-have items for this Alaskan fishing trip.

Rod and Reel Combo

A rod and reel combination is a fairly obvious prerequisite for fly fishing in Alaska. As far as rods go, you don’t have to buy an expensive one right away, but be sure to find one that works for you. Medium action rods are stable enough not to spook you, but responsive enough for you to feel the difference between rocks and nibbles. Reels can be a little more complicated to narrow down, but one crucial factor to consider is bigger fish need bigger reels.

Fishing Hat and Polarized Sunglasses

Protecting yourself from the hot summer sun is essential, even in Alaska. Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, but they also improve visibility under the surface of the water by deflecting glare, thereby allowing you to see better where you are wading and if there are fish below you. Fishing hats will help keep the sun out of your eyes and make your sunglasses more effective. More importantly, it will add protection against sunburns and pestering biting insects like black flies, gnats, and mosquitos.

Flies and Waders

Flies and waders are essential for fly fishing. The main point when selecting either is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. You’ll add more flies to your arsenal as you advance in the sport, but for now, a basic assortment of flies will be more than adequate. Regarding waders, a standard set of the chest-high variety will suffice in just about any situation.

Your Basecamp for the Ultimate Alaskan Vacation

Island Point Lodge has proven that you don’t need to hire an expensive guide to have an epic fly fishing adventure. If you have the grit and determination necessary for a self-guided Alaskan fishing trip, look no further. With modern accommodations and seamless access to some of the best fishing in the state, Island Point Lodge presents the perfect basecamp for your Alaskan vacation. Please contact us online or call 800-352-4522 to learn more!