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16 01, 2024

Fishing Specials For Halibut Fishing and Dungeness Crab In Alaska

2024-02-16T23:23:46+00:00Alaska Fishing Lodges, Dungeness Crab, Island Point Lodge, Petersburg Alaska Hotels|

With great fishing comes some of the best lodging from Island Point Lodge in the area. Please continue reading to see why we can set you up for the best halibut fishing and dungeness crab excursion in Alaska.

17 12, 2023

We Can Provide Fishing Gear And Help In Petersburg, Alaska

2024-01-17T21:49:12+00:00Alaska Fishing Lodges, Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges, Island Point Lodge|

We can help. Island Point Lodge can equip you with the best gear and expert guides to make this a fishing vacation to remember. Here is how we can help make your fishing dreams come true in Petersburg, Alaska.

4 11, 2023

Tour The Northern Lights, or “Aurora Borealis,” In Petersburg Alaska

2023-12-04T03:42:45+00:00Island Point Lodge, Things to Do in Alaska, Things to Do in the Offseason|

You’ll be set up to see The Northern Lights the best way if you book directly with Island Point Lodge. Here is what you need to know about touring The Northern Lights when you visit Alaska.

31 03, 2023

Preview Of A Fishing Season In Alaska

2023-03-31T21:57:38+00:00Alaska Fishing Lodges, Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges, Alaska King Salmon Season, Alaskan Rainbow Trout, Island Point Lodge, Petersburg Alaska Hotels|

If you are thinking about fishing season in Alaska, you should know how to spend your fishing week once you arrive. We can give you an idea of what to expect during the fishing season in Alaska at Island Point Lodge over the course of one week.

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