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Island Point Lodge

8 08, 2019

Alaska King Salmon Season: Simple Ways to Cook Salmon

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When anglers leave Island Point Lodge after the peak of the Alaska king salmon season, there’s a lot of salmon to bring back home. What on earth are you going to do with all that frozen fish? Salmon has a quality frozen lifespan lasting anywhere from four to eight months in a freezer, especially when it’s perfectly packaged. We’ll fillet, and freezer pack your fish for you at no additional cost which is just another reason as to why we’re one of the best Alaska fishing resorts around! Without further ado, let's get down to business and talk about the basics on how to cook salmon. 

27 06, 2019

Summer Fishing at Island Point Lodge

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Salmon season is in full swing at Island Point Lodge, and during our busy season, you’ll be given the opportunity to take the challenge in reeling in the massive King Salmon you’ve been waiting for! When you go to any given restaurant that serves salmon, most people ask where the salmon is from, and when the answer is Alaska, everyone radiates a smile. Foodies love to hear that their salmon is from Alaska, and for a good reason! Our Petersburg Alaska fishing lodge is located near a King Salmon Hatchery, where Chinooks size can range anywhere from 15-40 pounds, which is the top reason anglers dream of an Alaska fishing adventure. 

5 06, 2019

A Day at Island Point Lodge

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While spending your time on a self-guided Alaska fishing adventure, you’ll come to understand why we’re one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska when you stay at Island Point Lodge. No need to worry about timelines during your stay, as you will have the flexibility to make your own schedule. Our friendly staff will give you some guidance along the way, but after a few days and making a routine, you’ll catch on quickly! Unlike other Alaska fishing lodges, you’ll be able to fish anytime during your stay, meaning you can fish at three in the morning if you’d like! Island Point Lodge is for the truly experienced angler that knows their way around a motorized watercraft, and you’ll be able to fish at your own leisure throughout your stay at our Alsaksa fishing resorts in Petersburg Alaska.

9 05, 2019

Best Shops in Petersburg Alaska

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While you’re waiting for your flight to arrive to bring you to Island Point Lodge, or before your flight back home, there are convenient places in Petersburg Alaska to keep you occupied. As we supply most things you’ll need for your trip, there are a few different local shops to take in the Alaska native culture. Here are a few shops to check out so that you’re able to bring a keepsake back home to remember your time fishing during the Alaska king salmon season!

29 03, 2019

The Upcoming Alaska King Salmon Season

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You can not begin to compare the thrill of Alaska fishing to any other sport or location as you wait to fulfill your need of pursuing a monster catch. You may find yourself taking a walk with these fish in your chest waders as they are very powerful! It’s all in the challenge, mastering your patience, the perfect strike from the fish at the exact precise moment, and setting the hook on that trophy Salmon you’ve been dreaming about.

28 02, 2019

Spotting Majestic Animals near Petersburg, Alaska

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While you patiently wait for the upcoming Southeast Alaska fishing season to arrive, you can daydream about spotting an ensemble of majestic animals near Island Point Lodge during your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Petersburg, Alaska. The upcoming fishing season is so close that we can practically smell the fresh mountain air and feel the thin morning mist above the calm Inner Passage.

30 08, 2018

How to Plan a Fall Fishing Trip

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Some people plan fishing trips to spend time with friends and family. Others do it to get away from it all. Some just love the adventure of catching their fish. Whatever your reason for taking a fishing trip, it is important to plan ahead of time to ensure you have a great adventure rather than having to make up tall tales. Whether you want to go deep sea fishing or head to your favorite lake, here is how to plan a fall fishing trip you will remember for a lifetime. Set a Date for Your Fall Fishing Trip There is [...]

12 06, 2018

How to Plan the Perfect Father/Son Fishing Trip

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Taking off on a father and son fishing trip is something that should be a regular feature on your calendar. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other better and a chance to enjoy the enormous benefits of time outdoors. Studies show that outdoor-time can improve at least 12 areas of your life? Start planning some quality time with our ultimate fishing trip checklist. Choose a Great Destination Where you go depends on your idea of a great place to wet a line. Budget, time, the type of fishing that you do, and the kinds of fish you [...]

30 04, 2018

Fish Run Season is Here! History of Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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Americans continue to eat more and more fish each year. Salmon tops the list of peoples' favorite fish, even above tuna. To keep up with the demand, salmon fishing and salmon farming are commonplace. Alaska has gone through many changes to become the current hotspot for fishing that it is today. Even those new to fishing can enjoy a trip. With fish season here, want to learn a little history of salmon fishing in Alaska before you ready your bait and poles? Keep reading below for a helpful summary. Salmon Fishing and Canneries When canning processes became popular, the huge [...]

28 02, 2018

When’s the Best Time to Fish for Salmon in Petersburg, Alaska?

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If you're researching fishing for your next angling adventure, consider Petersburg, Alaska - especially if you're interested in fishing for salmon. 80% of impressive salmon species like sockeye, coho and king salmon all reside in Alaskan waters. So you can see why Alaska might be considered a fisherman's paradise. Below we'll cover the key things to know about fishing in Petersburg, Alaska, including the fish run season. Fish Run Season Begins in Late April            It's not too early to start planning your fishing trip. If you're hoping to catch salmon in Alaska, you're best coming anywhere between late April and [...]