petersburg alaska lodgingYou want to get out on water and start reeling in the fish of your dreams, but it is essential to know what you’re doing and have a solid plan in place to get the most out of your Island Point Lodge Alaskan fishing adventure. By following these budget tips, you will be well on your way to having a phenomenal time while staying at our premier Petersburg Alaska lodging, all at the lowest cost possible.

Start Planning Early

Getting organized is the first step in budgeting your successful Alaskan fishing escapade. The earlier you start, the better you will be. Our exclusive Petersburg Alaska lodging fills up quick, so be sure to get in on the action early!

Time Your Trip

Possibly the most crucial part of the planning stage is figuring out the timing. There is nothing worse than gearing up for a fantastic week of fishing and realizing you booked the wrong flight while standing in an airport line. Save money and frustration and make sure to plan the timing of your trip carefully!

Determine Your Method of Transportation

To save as much cash as possible, it is essential to book the perfect flight. If you are having trouble finding the best airline or flight options for you, let us know, and we will help you out!

Food Expenses

When you vacation at our Petersburg Alaska lodging for your fishing trip, we will provide you with a delicious breakfast and dinner daily! We will also prepare and supply bag lunches for when you’re out on the water catching all the trophy fish you can handle.

Lodging Expenses

Here at Island Point Lodge, we offer the most comfortable Petersburg Alaska lodging at some of the most affordable rates around! Save money and enjoy our quality accommodations!

Having the Right Gear

Purchasing all of the gear you need for a successful Alaskan fishing trip is expensive. Lucky for you, if you do not already own the required equipment, Island Point Lodge will provide it to you!

Petersburg Alaska Lodging

A stay at Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska, is bound to be an affordable and memorable fishing excursion. Follow these tips and make sure your trip maximizes fun and minimizes cost!