Some people plan fishing trips to spend time with friends and family. Others do it to get away from it all. Some just love the adventure of catching their fish.

Whatever your reason for taking a fishing trip, it is important to plan ahead of time to ensure you have a great adventure rather than having to make up tall tales.

Whether you want to go deep sea fishing or head to your favorite lake, here is how to plan a fall fishing trip you will remember for a lifetime.

Set a Date for Your Fall Fishing Trip

There is a time and a place for spontaneity but planning this type of a trip is not one of them. If you are planning on fishing for a specific type of fish, check to make sure fall is the season for fishing them.

Also, you want to plan ahead to ensure that you can book what you need in advance. There is no fun in getting to the marina to do some deep-sea fishing only to find all the boats have already been rented.

Even if you are planning on heading to your favorite lake or river, you want to book your accommodations ahead of time.

If you are planning on traveling with friends or family, you also need to plan ahead to make sure everyone’s schedule works with the time frame you have selected.

Determine Your Budget

Food, boat rentals, travel, and your accommodations can all start to add up quickly if you are not careful. Then there is the fishing equipment you will need.

Make sure you create a fishing trip checklist to ensure that you pack everything you need and so you will stay within your budget. This process is especially helpful if you are planning on traveling with others.

If you are planning on traveling overseas and do not yet have a passport, you will have to add that into your budget. Make sure to get your passport as soon as possible, as it costs more to expedite it.

Create a Fishing Trip Checklist

Imagine heading to your destination only to find you forgot your favorite lure or worse yet, your best fishing rod. Creating a checklist will not only help you determine a budget, but it will help you remember to bring everything you need.

Items to remember to bring should include brochures, maps, tide charts, fishing gear, your reservation numbers, and your fishing gear. Do not forget to pack appropriate clothing for whatever type of weather you expect to encounter.

Determine Your Level of Fishing Experience

Whether you are new to fishing or you have been doing it your whole life, you want to choose an experience where your guide or captain can ensure you get the most out of it.

Look for fishing guides who know exactly how to work with people of your skill level, especially if you are sharing the trip with others you may not know. You will not learn anything if you are not with the right group and it may end up ruining your trip or putting you in harm’s way.

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