Alaska is one of the best fishing destinations in the world. If you are interested in fishing, you must visit this wonderful state sometime in your life. Whether you are new to the hobby or you’ve been absent from it for some time, you might be worried about equipping yourself with suitable gear for your fishing adventure in Petersburg, Alaska. We can help. Island Point Lodge can equip you with the best gear and expert guides to make this a fishing vacation to remember. Here is how we can help make your fishing dreams come true in Petersburg, Alaska.

Fishing Equipment

All guests to Island Point Lodge will be offered rods and reels for trolling and casting. You are free to bring your equipment too. However, it’s important to note that utilizing our gear will reduce the amount of things you must check at the airlines. We do not supply fly rods and reels. Don’t worry about bringing gear to clean your catches, too. We will clean all your fish. Please tell one of the lodge workers how you would like them prepared. If you want your fish smoked, it can be done in town. Ask us, and we will give you a form to fill out, and we will bring the fish to the smoker.


When you arrive, you will be assigned a boat for one week for your party. Our fishing boats have two motors: the larger motor for general movement and the smaller for trolling. Boats have safety vests, Coast Guard-approved emergency kits, ropes, anchors, oars, pails, bait containers, and lunch coolers. You will need someone in your party who can operate a boat. A brief orientation will be held before you embark on your fishing trip. In addition, we offer several options for covered boat upgrades.

Get Out There And Reel In The Big One

You are not going to regret dropping a line in Petersburg, Alaska. The fishing is great, and the scenery is just as impressive as it looks in the photo. You are in store for a fantastic fishing opportunity when you book directly with Island Point Lodge. To plan your Alaskan getaway, please visit us online or call 800-352-4522.