Alaska fishingYou can not begin to compare the thrill of Alaska fishing to any other sport or location as you wait to fulfill your need of pursuing a monster catch. You may find yourself taking a walk with these fish in your chest waders as they are very powerful! It’s all in the challenge, mastering your patience, the perfect strike from the fish at the exact precise moment, and setting the hook on that trophy Salmon you’ve been dreaming about. You may even need to use your entire body to lift these massive beautiful creatures out of the water! At Island Point Lodge, we pride ourselves in providing the opportunity for true Alaskan anglers to set out on your own with no guide necessary!

What You Need to Know

In most areas across Alaska, sport fishing for king salmon is closed down for the season. Luckily for you, Island Point Lodge is located in a unique area near a King Salmon Hatchery. Starting June 1 through July 31, you will be given a sizable limit for kings that don’t need to be recorded on your catch of three salmons for the year on your license. During this time, you are allowed four kings per day with two being over 28 inches and two being under 28 inches. Look at it this way: if you take a two-week fishing trip during the Alaska king salmon season, you could go home with 28 kings over 28 inches and 28 under! There are several areas in Alaska to fish near our beautiful lodge, including a half mile north of Papkes’s Landing at Mt. Point, through Blind Slough river, and going down to the Marker 8 near Duncan Canal as the cutoff.

Where to Fish

Settle in at Blind River Rapids Trailhead, an Alaskan park near Island Point Lodge, which will be an area perfect for those boatless anglers. Instead of looking at magazines, dreaming about Alaska fishing, you’ll find yourself in the picturesque scenery of mountains, gorgeous blankets of greenery, and surrounded by wildlife. Spend one-day setting crab traps and another fishing for halibut, but when it comes to fishing for king salmon, be sure to wear your chest waders as these powerful fish will give you a run for your money! Start early, pack a lunch, wait for the tide to go out, and watch the salmon come in. Be sure to bring the salmon that you catch into town to have them smoked or to the lodge for dinner!

Alaska fishingAffordable Lodging in Petersburg Alaska

Our cozy cabins give you an opportunity to relax at the end of a long day of Alaska fishing during the salmon season. At Island Point Lodge, we provide affordable lodging so that you’re able to spend as much time in Alaska fishing as possible! With meals prepared daily, you know you won’t be hungry between the fish that you catch and the meals we provide! Give us a call at 1-800-352-4522 to talk with our friendly staff about booking your fishing trip, or visit us online!