alaska fishingWhile you patiently wait for the upcoming Southeast Alaska fishing season to arrive, you can daydream about spotting an ensemble of majestic animals near Island Point Lodge during your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Petersburg, Alaska. The upcoming fishing season is so close that we can practically smell the fresh mountain air and feel the thin morning mist above the calm Inner Passage. Island Point Lodge rests on the eastern edge of Kupreanof Island, home to wide array of mammals, fish, and birds. The Last Frontier’s captivating wildlife is something that many Alaska residents take for granted, which is a shame. Kupreanof Island is the 13th largest island in the United States, providing a mostly untouched wilderness for beasts large and small, including bald eagles, black bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, and moose.

Animals That You Could Spot This Summer

Here is a brief rundown of the often-seen animals during Alaska fishing charters near Petersburg, Alaska.

  • Bald Eagle – You’ll undoubtedly spot dozens of bald eagles this summer during your Alaskan adventure. Bald eagles practically live on our sandy shoreline – sometimes nearly a dozen of them scavenge together on the beach. You’ll also see them perched high in the trees, suddenly soar through the air, and skillfully snatch its prey in a matter of seconds. They love showing off their patriotic charm on our tall dock posts! There are over 240 bird species in the Petersburg area, so remember to bring your binoculars (especially if you’re an avid birdwatcher).
  • alaska fishingHumpback Whale – We cannot guarantee that we’ll cross paths with migrating humpback whales as they travel north to feed inside Frederick Sound, but it’s a real possibility if you’re planning a self-guided halibut fishing trip. Many humpbacks arrive in May, but July and August are the best months for whale watching. It’s also possible that you’ll motor past Steller sea lions, Dall’s porpoises, or killer whales.
  • Harbor Seal – Nearby LeConte Bay is one of the largest harbor seal pupping areas in Southeast Alaska. LeConte Bay just happens to also be the home to the southernmost active glacier in North America. These adorable seals sprawl out on slaps of floating ice under the warm Alaskan sunshine.
  • Rare Beauties – As mentioned earlier, our peaceful island is home to a thriving population of black bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, and moose. Black-tailed deer often frolic through our wilderness property. It’s also possible to see river otters, porcupines, mountain goats, minks, voles, or even wolves during a salmon fishing trip to nearby creeks and rivers.

Best Fishing Lodges in Alaska

While we cannot guarantee that you’ll spot a humpback whale, moose, or black bear this summer, you’ll unquestionably come face-to-face with massive salmon and halibut during your Alaska fishing trip to Island Point Lodge! We provide opportunities for self-guided fishing trips, unlike most Alaska fishing resorts, so you’ll be able to venture into Frederick Sound, LeConte Bay, and several other animal-friendly sanctuaries. To book a well-deserved fishing trip to Petersburg, Alaska, please give us a call today at 1-800-352-4522, or fill out this online reservation.