alaska halibut seasonWhen you stay at Island Point Lodge, you’re choosing comfortable lodging, delicious meals, and fishing equipment as well as beautiful sceneries and wildlife sightings! With Alaska halibut season quickly approaching, we’d recommend booking your stay with us today!


Island Point Lodge provides three meals a day, hot breakfast and dinner and all the ingredients you’ll need to make yourself a sandwich, to take with you on your fishing excursion! We strive to make this the best fishing trip ever, so please our cook know of any food allergies or issues! We’ll do our best to acknowledge your requests. Dinner and breakfast times will be posted daily, and please note that we do not provide sodas or alcoholic beverages.

Boats and Fishing Equipment

When you book your stay with Island Point Lodge, we provide all the rods and reels you’ll need for trolling, casting and halibut fishing, to help limit your luggage as you fly out here! As you join us for Alaska halibut season, we’ll make sure you receive the appropriate fishing gear as well as one of our boats. As you arrive at the lodge, we’ll assign your group to your accommodations and all your equipment after a  brief orientation! If you brought your own reel, feel free to use it, we like to help reduce our guests’ checked baggage fees by providing rods and equipment.

Alaska Halibut Season

Join us for the peek Alaska Halibut season; our lodge is conveniently located near one bound full halibut water! You’ll reel in some feast-sized halibuts. Although they’re bottom-feeders, they come up to feed, so once you’re out on the ocean it’s fair game! You can book a charter, for an additional charge, to ensure your Halibut Fishing experience is the absolute best it can be. Island Point Lodge is ready for Alaska Halibut season, are you?