Taking off on a father and son fishing trip is something that should be a regular feature on your calendar.

It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other better and a chance to enjoy the enormous benefits of time outdoors. Studies show that outdoor-time can improve at least 12 areas of your life?

Start planning some quality time with our ultimate fishing trip checklist.

Choose a Great Destination

Where you go depends on your idea of a great place to wet a line. Budget, time, the type of fishing that you do, and the kinds of fish you want to catch are also all important considerations.

If you’re planning a trip to commemorate a special occasion, it’s worth splurging to create an unforgettable experience for the two of you. It’s a great way to celebrate such annual events as Father’s Day as well.

Pack Light

Choosing a destination that provides meals saves a lot of time during your trip. It also means you don’t need to take food and equipment along with you. Camping can be fun for a weekend fishing trip but it gets tedious after that.

Additionally, an all-inclusive package means you don’t need to worry about hiring a boat or looking for a campsite when you arrive for your weekend away.

Know Your Fish

Pack your fishing gear according to what’s on the bite during your trip and make sure you have the correct bait and gear for the species you’re after.

If you’re trying something new, call ahead to your lodge or campsite and ask for advice.

Spending time together is great, but you also want something to show for your efforts. Fishing for hours with not even a nibble is frustrating and dull. These are not the kind of emotions you have in mind for your trip.

Have Fun on Your Fishing Trip

That said, don’t focus too much on breaking the world-record for size and number of catches. Enjoy the other aspects and have fun fishing.

Enjoy nature and don’t take bungled strikes and tangled lines too seriously. Catching fish is great, but connecting with your son at any age is more important.

Some lodges offer a variety of fishing options, such as spinning and fly fishing as well as deep sea angling. Plan to add some variety to your trip.

Explore some non-fishing activities for your time away. Take walks, go for a swim or embark on a trip to see some of the nearby sights and native habitat.

Remember the Important Things

When you do get to spend this quality time with your son, make the most of it. Be sure to use your moments together to get to know each other better, not staring at the water in silence.

If you haven’t spent much time alone with your son, prepare some topics beforehand to fill in any awkward silences. Play your cards right and you’ll both end up having the best fishing trip ever.

Are You Looking for Something Extra Special?

When planning your special outing, the neighborhood pond won’t cut it for your father and son fishing trip. Have you tried salmon fishing? It’s definitely a fishing trip you won’t soon forget.

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