Are you an avid fisherman? Have you always dreamed about taking an Alaska fishing at Island Point Lodge in Petersburg? The deals are great, and you will be able to fish in some of the best lakes and rivers that the world has to offer.

At Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, packages will include your lodging, meals and fishing equipment. You will be left to book your own airfare, but your lodging accommodation assistant would be happy to assist you. The peace and serenity offered on an Alaska fishing trip is more than you can imagine while engaging in any other activity.

Kick back and relax, while fishing in lakes, rivers and salt water you only dreamt about. You can engage in any type of fishing, which includes troll spin cast, bottom fishing and fly fishing. You can try your hand at catching king salmon, Coho salmon, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, halibut, cutthroat trout, dolly Varden trout and steelhead.

Cabins will accommodate 4 guests. Boats and equipment are readily available. Go on a trip with a loved one, or get a group of friends together. Regardless, you will make memories that will last for years to come.

Fishing at Island Point Lodge in Petersburg is one of the most sought after trips. Perhaps, it is because individuals feel like they are truly escaping reality. No technology is needed to enjoy a Alaskan fishing trip. The scenery in Alaska is amazing, and they have the best fishing lakes, rivers and salt water inlets in the world. The salmon season is an event that no one wants to miss out on. It is a great adventure that all age groups will enjoy, no matter what interests they have.

Don’t worry about equipment; the lodge supplies almost everything. They have rod reels, as well as boats for you to enjoy. You will be in a place of true serenity while you are reaching your ideal fishing spot early in the morning.

Island Point Lodge offers you a fishing packages that is affordable. You no longer have to dream about fishing in the best lakes and rivers the world has to offer, you can now indulge in the salmon season like all the pros do. You will want to inquire about an Island Point Lodge, Alaska trip. Don’t miss out on the trip of a lifetime.