Have you had enough of the hectic life in the city and would love to spend some quality time with your family or friends in a tranquil, stress-free place? Are you longing for a picturesque vacation place and not worry about the cost?

If you have not tried fishing as a hobby, now is the time to try it before the crazy city life brings you down. Fishing is one of the most effective stress-busting activities known to many. It teaches you patience and perseverance when the fish gets choosy and won’t bite your bait for hours. But that feeling of accomplishment and victory when you catch your biggest fish ever cannot be compared to anything else. Trolling right outside your doorstep when you are staying at Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska could be your best new idea of a perfect fishing holiday.

How to Enjoy your Fishing Trip

A satisfying fishing vacation takes about a week. There is the spawning season of salmon and Dungeness Crabs while Halibut are abundant all through the year. At the Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, fish is not the only attraction. You can find joy in any of the following activities:

  • Meeting other hobbyists and making new friends can be very therapeutic
  • Enjoy the scenic panorama without the distractions of mobile phone, internet and glaring city lights
  • Experience the rustic accommodation, simple and uncomplicated life at the Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska
  • Spending a day on the 18-foot Aluminum Alaskan Lunds with outboard motor with friends, with pack lunch and some snacks while trolling for salmon or fishing for Halibut.
  • Join the derby, have fun catching the biggest Salmon or Halibut.
  • Make beautiful memories, capture special moments with your camera.

When you decide to spend a week this fall at the Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska, be prepared to leave your worries behind. The place is only accessible by boat from town. From Seattle, you take Alaska Airlines to Petersburg and you will be taken to the lodge by boat. You can do your last minute shopping before you leave for the fishing lodge the next day. Look forward to a weeklong fun of fishing and catching your dream fish.