best fishing lodges in AlaskaWhile spending your time on a self-guided Alaska fishing adventure, you’ll come to understand why we’re one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska when you stay at Island Point Lodge. No need to worry about timelines during your stay, as you will have the flexibility to make your own schedule. Our friendly staff will give you some guidance along the way, but after a few days and making a routine, you’ll catch on quickly! Unlike other Alaska fishing lodges, you’ll be able to fish anytime during your stay, meaning you can fish at three in the morning if you’d like! Island Point Lodge is for the truly experienced angler that knows their way around a motorized watercraft, and you’ll be able to fish at your own leisure throughout your stay at our Alsaksa fishing resorts in Petersburg Alaska.

Unbelievable Rates

Most Alaska fly fishing lodges charge upwards of $5,000 for a guided fishing trip with only a few nights included in their stay. We provide significantly lower rates that are less than half the cost of others and consists of a six-night visit! Twice the length of stay at half the price— that’s just one of the many reasons why we’re one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska. Along with the excellent rates we also provide daily meals, lodging, boats, rod & reels for salmon, trout, and halibut, and yes we will even filet your fish!

Provided Meals

There are many reasons why we’re one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska, but a huge draw here is that we provide three square meals daily during your stay! Wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and a deliciously prepared breakfast before fishing the Alaskan Inland Seaway. After you spend a few hours out exploring the Kupreanof Island make your way back to the lodge to indulge in the luncheon buffet available midday throughout your stay. Dinner and breakfast times will be posted daily by our on-site chef so that you never go hungry at our Alaska fishing lodges.

best fishing lodges in AlaskaBeautiful Petersburg Alaska Hotels

Four of our cabins provide a comfortable four-person stay, and two cabins have room for two, which is perfect for a couples getaway and each is equipped with a bathroom and shower. At our main lodge, we house three rooms which have space for up to six guests depending on the room. We’d love to provide you with an informative package so that you’re able to better understand the details of your stay during the Alaska fishing season. To browse our cozy accommodations, visit us online, or email Frank at [email protected] to learn more!