Alaska is an outstanding destination for wildlife viewing. This is especially true when it comes to whale watching in Alaska. For any avid outdoor enthusiast looking for something more to do when traveling to Alaska, you should set your sights on Petersburg, Alaska. Island Point Lodge is more than happy to help you find the best whale-watching experiences and more. Here are the best places for whale watching in Petersburg, Alaska.

Alaska Passages

Alaska Passages will take you to the Frederick Sound. It’s one of the best places in the state for those that want to see humpback whales. You will have a comfortable ride with a heated cabin and more than 28 feet of room to find the best place for photos. In addition to whales, you might see Orca, sea lions, porpoises, and various bird life.

Whale Song Cruises

Whale Song Cruises take you to some of the best areas for whale watching and more in Southeast Alaska. You will be in the hands of a veteran of the area. In addition to whale watching, you will also have the opportunity to see some glaciers if you choose.

Seek Alaska Tours

There are plenty of opportunities to see humpback and killer whales, seals, sea lions, and porpoises when you jump aboard a tour with Seek Alaska Tours. You can book a full-day tour stretching 100 miles of Frederick Sound.

See Whales Up Close

Whale watching is an experience you will always remember when you think about your time in Petersburg, Alaska. Island Point Lodge is there to give you a fantastic experience in Alaska. Island Point Lodge will be here for all your Alaska questions and requests. Hurry and book directly now because we are one of the top Alaskan fishing lodges for anglers. To plan your Alaskan getaway, please visit us online or call 800-352-4522.