A few angling accessories including several books about fishing.Just because we’re closed for the season doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about fishing in Alaska. One way to stay excited about the upcoming season is to read a few books about fishing before your excursion. You can only prep your gear so many times during the winter before you start to go bonkers, so why not cozy up and expand your literary acumen while learning more about one of your favorite pastimes? As the warm days dwindle, you may find yourself with more time on your hands than you know what to do with, especially if you aren’t a huge fan of cold weather. Fishing stories have been around since the fabled pastime evolved from necessity to fun, and we’re here to share three of our favorites.

3 of Our Favorite Books about Fishing

One of the best ways to stoke the flames of passion and get yourself ready for the pristine waters of Kupreanof Island is to read a couple of books about fishing this winter. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or an eager beginner, the best fishing books will both teach and entertain. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite books about fishing.

The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told

Curated by Lamar Underwood, this fantastic collection of tales has stories for everyone, from panfish to blue marlin. Told by some of America’s most descriptive writers, these 46 stories will bring readers to places they’ve never fished but want to and other settings they’ll find familiar. Each tale represents the reinforcement of a shared connection that’s created between nature and humans when fishing.

The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

Highly revered outdoor journalists Kirk Deeter and Charlie Meyers share their no-nonsense observations and advice on the timeless pastime of fly fishing. From travels through the rugged Tierra del Fuego in South America to interviews with the renowned Lee Wulf, The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing delivers experiences both old and new through the lens of experienced fly fishers. Aiming to demystify the tricks of the trade, The Little Red Book will give you a straightforward education on how to become a better fly angler.

The River Why

This captivating story by David James Duncan is a coming-of-age novel about a young fly fisherman. He leaves his fishing-obsessed family to pursue his devotion to nature by retreating to a secluded cabin. Becoming increasingly uneasy about the degradation of the environment around him, he finds himself on a journey of existential wonder. Eventually, he is faced with a difficult challenge, thus learning the true meaning of life.

The Best Southeast Alaskan Fishing Lodge

It may be a few months before you can go on your Alaskan fishing vacation, but perusing a few chronicles of your favorite pastime is just the ticket to get you there quicker. Books about fishing are great because they teach you not only about angling but also about life. Heck, you may even bring one or two with you to enjoy at Island Point Lodge. For more information or to make your reservation, please contact us online or call 800-352-4522.