A wide angle view of Island Point Lodge, a place where many continue to enjoy fishing in Alaska.The Alaska fishing season at Island Point Lodge is over for the year; however, we’re already planning for next season, and we implore you to do the same. Fishing in Alaska is a bucket list item for many anglers, so there is a good chance you won’t be the only one hoping to navigate the Inside Passage in search of coveted species like halibut and salmon. Early booking is the most surefire way to ensure you get lodging and dates you want to be in Petersburg. Making an effort to plan right away after your reservation is in place is critical to making the most of your time, so to offer a little inspiration, we put together three reasons to book your trip early.

Flights and Other Transportation

Unless you live up here, arguably the most arduous part about fishing in Alaska is securing flights and other transportation. Depending on where you live, there is a decent chance that you’ll be flying to Juneau from Seattle unless you decide to travel directly to Petersburg from Seattle. Either way, making sure to book the correct flights is crucial. People have had to reschedule too many trips due to logistical missteps; furthermore, you still have to pay for your tickets!

Budgeting and Finances

Sometimes the most prevalent aspects to consider for fishing in Alaska are surprisingly overlooked. It’s easy to understand that you’ll need enough cash saved up to pay for your deposit and finalize your reservation. However, many have had to alter their original plans because they were unaware of and didn’t have the finances to cover the deposit. Planning streamlines the financials by allotting you ample time to save for additional travel costs and manage your spending before leaving.

Preferred Dates and Availability

While many have earned the privilege to take time off from work on a whim, not everyone has that capability. In some cases, employers require you to make time-off requests weeks or months in advance. Knowing when you’ll be missing work for fishing in Alaska and requesting the appropriate dates can go a long way from a communication standpoint. Reserving dates at least six months out may seem over precautious, but you won’t regret it while planning your itinerary.

Petersburg Self Guided Fishing on the Inside Passage

A proud angler displays his salmon bounty.Island Point Lodge isn’t your typical Alaska fishing resort, but booking your accommodations in advance is beneficial for any vacation, and fishing in Alaska is no exception. Just outside of Petersburg, Alaska, Island Point Lodge allows experienced anglers to fish on their own time with the support of knowledgeable staff and modern conveniences. For more information or to book your stay, please visit us online or call 800-352-4522.