If you’re researching fishing for your next angling adventure, consider Petersburg, Alaska – especially if you’re interested in fishing for salmon.

80% of impressive salmon species like sockeye, coho and king salmon all reside in Alaskan waters. So you can see why Alaska might be considered a fisherman’s paradise.

Below we’ll cover the key things to know about fishing in Petersburg, Alaska, including the fish run season.

Fish Run Season Begins in Late April           

It’s not too early to start planning your fishing trip. If you’re hoping to catch salmon in Alaska, you’re best coming anywhere between late April and October. Incidentally, these months also offer the best tolerant weather. Still, the average temperature in Petersburg during the summer is between 50-90 degrees, so plan accordingly when packing.  Dress in layers when traveling in the boat.  A cold breeze is generated by the glacier waters.  If it it sunny and you stop, you could be peeling off the layers.

If you’re after a specific kind of salmon you’d do well to turn up during the following times:

  • King Salmon: come anywhere between late April to early July
  • Sockeye Salmon: come anywhere from mid-June to mid-August
  • Pink Salmon: the best time to come is between mid-July to mid-September
  • Silver Salmon: you’ll need to come later, from mid-July to October

Hopefully, this gives you a rough guide as to when you should make your trip.

Fishing in Petersburg, Alaska

With its strong Norwegian heritage, Petersburg, Alaska is an island community that makes its living from the sea. It’s a thriving fishing village located between Juneau and Ketchikan with an abundant marine life. Nicknamed “Little Norway”, the population is a little over 3,000 in the winter and several thousand more when the sport and commercial fisheries get underway.

Located on the Frederick Sound (a passage of water in Southeastern Alaska), it’s known for whale watching as well as great fishing opportunities. There are several fishing locations and styles to choose from, from freshwater (very popular) to saltwater (from a boat).

The National Marine Fisheries Service lists Petersburg as the 15th most lucrative fisheries in the United States by volume.

Other Benefits of Alaskan Fishing

In addition to salmon fishing, there are plenty of other delights to be found in these waters. These include halibut, crab, and trout.

If you’re new to the angling scene, you can pick up a guide or charter operator who can make your fishing experience something to remember.

For more experienced fishers, a self-guided fishing trip gives you the opportunity to catch salmon as well as rock fish, trout, halibut and Dungeness Crab.

Gone Fishing?

Before you begin your adventure, know that a license is required in Alaska for sports fishing, including a King Salmon Stamp. Visit Alaska Department of Fish and Game to obtain a license. Additionally, check out the sport fishing regulations section for Southeast Alaska, including the Petersburg area.

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