A picture of a lake during fall in Alaska.

Many visitors to Island Point Lodge come during the summer months, but few people realize how productive fall in Alaska can be for fishing. Taking a trip to Kupreanof Island during autumn is something every bonafide angler should experience. Although peak season occurs in summer, fall offers several keen opportunities for salmon and trout fishing. Moreover, halibut fishing near Petersburg, Alaska, has led to some fantastic outings over the years. Today we’d like to share a few beneficial aspects to visiting Alaska in the fall. Also we’ll give you an idea of what to expect during your autumn fishing trip at Island Point.

Fall in Alaska: Fewer Bugs and No Crowds

When you consider how fewer people there will be in the Petersburg area, planning an Alaska fishing trip in the fall becomes a no-brainer quickly. Alaska rarely gets “too hot” in the summer. But the autumn months guarantee even lower temperatures and hardly any biting flies, gnats, or mosquitos. Also, visitors to Kupreanof Island will enjoy increased tranquility as most vacationers will be gone as early as August. As much as we admire and enjoy other outdoor pursuits, our guests come here to fish, and fall in Alaska is rife with serenity amid nature’s bounty.

Fall Alaska Fishing Trips | Silver Salmon and Halibut Fishing

In addition to having access to pro-level trolling rigs, trusty boats, and on-site processing, anglers making their way to Petersburg will be pleased to find an abundance of salmon and halibut throughout the Inside Passage. Running well into October, silver salmon, also known as Coho, will be readily caught using trolling and casting techniques. The pristine waters surrounding our slice of paradise generously provide some of the best halibut fishing in Alaska. With an average weight of 100 pounds, landing one of these “barn doors” is sure to be an unforgettable event! Thankfully halibut runs last well through September and into October. No matter how you slice it, fall fishing in Alaska is spectacular!

Self-Guided Alaska Fishing Lodges

If you’re a seasoned angler who doesn’t want to spend extra money on guide service, then look no further than Island Point Lodge. If you wish to visit Alaska in the fall or during the warmer months, we’ll show you the ropes. With one-week trips and over five full days of fishing, there’s a good chance you’ll be landing a few personal best catches! For more details or to secure your reservation, please visit our information page or call 800-352-4522 today.