Petersburg, Alaska, is the “little Norway” of Alaska.

Tucked in between Frederick Sound and the Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Area, it’s a gem of a place for fishing, adventure, and discovery.

The fishing weather is top-notch year-round, with summer being a prime time for big catches and fun excursions.

If you’re interested in the fishing trip of a lifetime, don’t overlook Petersburg. Here’s a guide to help you understand the fishing weather and the types of fish that you can expect.


  1. Average Weather and Tides

Conditions in Petersburg are typically cold and rainy.

Visitors can expect light showers constantly throughout the trip, with some days of sun and others bringing heavier rain. In Petersburg the temperature during the winter averages at 38 degrees. During the fishing season (June – Sept), nights are into the 50-60 degree range while day time is 60-80 degrees. Bring sunscreen because you can get sunburned as well as a wind breaker.

Tides are a function of the moon. Petersburg average high are 8-22 feet, lows are -4 to 10 feet. Exchange of water can be as high as 28 feet.

However, the most important thing to consider regarding the tides is tide coefficients, not the time.


  1. Solar Activity

Solunar theory aims to understand the relationship between the actions of the sun and moon, as well as their influence on all living beings in nature.

Every day, the moon rises and sets at particular times. These are considered major periods – one when the moon is overhead and one when the moon is under our feet (moonrise and moonset).

When the moon comes and goes within 30 minutes to an hour of sunrise or sunset, more fish activity is to be expected. In times of a full moon or new moon, the action increases even further.

Additionally, solunar theory states there are other times of interest for fishermen, which are called minor periods. These are intermediate times of peak activity occurring throughout the day, apart from the moon rising and setting.

In Petersburg, summers include major and minor periods that happen throughout the day. This offers visitors and locals alike plenty of prime fishing weather to take advantage of.


  1. Kinds of Fish to Expect

The weather in Petersburg brings in tourists from far and wide, and of course, fish.

The main attraction for Alaskan fishing is usually salmon. Lucky for this little island, all five types of salmon gather in Petersburg throughout the year.

Fishermen can expect king, coho, pink, sockeye, and chum salmon, all from mostly wild populations. Halibut and Dungeness Crab are up for grabs too.


Hook Your Line in Petersburg, Alaska

Alaskan fishing is any fisherman’s dream and Petersburg is home to prime fishing weather.

Every year, it welcomes new and veteran fishing enthusiasts alike to enjoy the thrill of the catch amidst beautiful mountains and the open sea.

When will you join the fun? Book your trip with us today!