self guided fishing AlaskaA trip to Island Point Lodge, located in Petersburg, will provide you with some of the only self guided fishing Alaska has to offer. Experience the gorgeous and majestic waters of this great state at your own pace. While the vast majority of Alaskan fishing lodges require you to be accompanied by a guide, our Island Point Lodge lets you traverse the waters and find the prized fish with the aid of a GPS and maps. Test your fishing skills and see if you can reel in the fish of your dreams by booking an exciting getaway to Island Point Lodge!

Self Guided Fishing Alaska

As any serious outdoor enthusiast knows, location is a significant factor in successful fishing. Instead of being brought to the areas that every tourist is told to fish, experience our self-guided Alaskan fishing and feel genuinely fulfilled putting your skills to work to find the best locations. Enjoy navigating through the beautiful waters with provided nautical maps. To fish at our lodge, you must have prior experience and be able to operate our 18-foot Alaskan Lunds craft which we have ready for every guest. Take advantage of the best self guided fishing Alaska can provide. If a day trip fishing for some massive Halibut sounds intriguing, schedule one of our self guided fishing trips and enjoy the unique experience that is Halibut fishing.

Untimed Adventure

Along with the most exciting self guided fishing Alaska has to offer, the unlimited fishing hours make Island Point Lodge a unique and highly praised destination. Head out on the waters and cast your line when you feel like it, and don’t come back in until you’re satisfied (or tired and in need of Island Point Lodge’s comfortable amenities). Enough with the cookie-cutter Alaskan fishing trips. We provide experienced fishers the freedom of enjoying what fishing in this great state was meant to be. Take advantage of the early morning productive hours that you are unable to fish at other lodges!

International Guests

Island Point Lodge also specializes in providing exceptional Alaska fishing trips for international guests. Our accommodations and amenities are ideally suited for visitors of all kind. Our staff is devoted to making everyone’s stay as comfortable and fruitful as possible. With the provided hot meals and great housing, the only things guests have to focus on is the prime Alaskan fishing. We make sure every guest that books a stay at Island Point Lodge is happy and taken care of.

Island Point Lodge

Schedule your Alaskan fishing trip with Island Point Lodge and experience the joy of reeling in the fish of your dreams. Enjoy the best self guided fishing Alaska can provide at one of the most unique lodges in the state. If you’re serious about fishing, Island Point Lodge is the ideal locale for your next big trip. Call us now and book today!