alaska king salmon seasonAn Alaskan fishing adventure with Island Point Lodge is a unique and exciting experience unlike most offered in the great northern state. With unlimited fishing hours and self-guided trips, this lodge provides you unmatched freedom and the ability to truly put your fishing skills to the test. One thing remains the same throughout all Alaskan lodges, however: the importance of being prepared with the right equipment. Here is a list of apparel and gear you need to bring so that you can enjoy a safe and successful Island Point Lodge fishing experience. Make sure to reference this list before leaving home, and prepare for the rush of excitement that the Alaska King Salmon season brings.


While the average summer temperature of our lodge’s location hovers around 60 degrees, there are a few essential pieces of clothing to bring along. The easiest way to stay dry and comfortable while out on your exciting Alaskan fishing adventure is to dress in layers, especially when crossing the colder glacier-mixed waters. You will most likely warm up once you reach your fishing location, so the ability to shed a few layers will be a welcome convenience. We suggest packing a few lightweight jacket options and hooded sweatshirts.

The weather can often get extreme in the vast Alaskan wilderness. Because of this, adequate rain gear is an absolute must. Prepare for the rain by packing durable jeans, a good quality raincoat, and comfortable water-repellent footwear. Sunglasses and other guards against the wind and rays are also vital pieces of equipment to protect yourself from the elements. Be sure to pack comfortable clothes for traveling and lounging about in the lodge. Packing and wearing the right apparel is critical if you want to take full advantage of prime Alaska King Salmon season.


Island Point Lodge is designed for experienced fishers with knowledge of how to use watercraft with outboard motors. Because of the independence offered at our lodge, much of the gear you need will be provided to you upon arrival. You will be given control of one of the lodge’s 18-foot Aluminum Alaskan Lunds to travel the waterways and search for the best fish. You are more than welcome to bring any personal gear you may own, but Island Point Lodge offers everything you need to get casting a line. This way, you can avoid traveling with bulky fishing gear.

Island Point Lodge provides you with all the rods and reels you need for a variety of fishing, from casually trolling the rivers to reeling in the halibut of your dreams. In your Alaskan Lund watercraft, you will find all the necessary safety vests, emergency kits, anchors, oars, pails, bait containers, and coolers. We give you all the gear you need to get out on the water catching all the fish you possibly can!

Alaska King Salmon Season

Schedule a visit to Island Point Lodge during the Alaska King Salmon season, and experience the thrill of fishing this incredible state. Our lodge offers you everything you need to have a great fishing trip. Come prepared to have the time of your life on your Alaskan fishing adventure!