Tongass National ForestTongass National Forest: it’s comprised of a vast 17 million acres spread across Southeast Alaska and it is the largest national forest in America. Island Point Lodge is situated on the “Inside Passage” of the forest, which is home to a variety of unique wildlife and an abundance of fish in Alaska, including halibut and the five species of salmon. The region also features orcas, wolves, otters, beavers, bald eagles, brown bears, among many others, all of which may be spotted on your Alaska fishing trip. Since we’re located on the “Inside Passage” of the largest intact temperate rainforest, we wanted to shed some light on the vital role it plays in Southeast Alaska fishing.

The Ecosystem

Every passing year salmon migrate from the ocean to the Tongass watershed streams to spawn. During this time, bears begin to hunt and feast on the salmon. However, bears don’t just eat the salmon and leave the carcass in the stream; they also bring the body of the fish into the forest. The concentration of the nutrients left behind from the salmon’s body enters the soil and acts as a fertilizer to the forest’s trees. The trees grow an impressive three times faster near salmon spawning streams. Not only does the tree’s shade protect salmon eggs from the hot sun, but the branches that fall into the streams also act as a protection shield for the newly hatched salmon.

The Salmon

Those that venture to Island Point Lodge during the Alaska salmon season will be happy to know that 25% of the salmon population of the West Coast of the U.S. are hatched in the Tongass. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to learn that the Tongass National Forest (also known as America’s salmon forest) produces more of the five species of salmon than all of the national forests combined. This is just another reason why the Southeast region is the best place to fish in Alaska during the salmon season.

The Landscape

The Tongass National Forest is spread across 500 miles, holding a significant portion of the Alaska Panhandle in SE Alaska. The region has many islands, glaciers, salmon streams, and mountains overlooking old-growth forests. While you’re in Southeast Alaska salmon fishing, be on the lookout for bald eagles as there are more in this region than any other part of the world.

The People

There are approximately 32 communities in the Tongass National Forest that nearly 70,000 people in Southeast Alaska reside and depend on the forest resources to survive. The primary source of food for the locals in the Southeast region includes salmon, moose, and deer. The state capital of Alaska, Juneau, is also located in the Tongass and has a population of around 32,000.

Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges

Tongass National ForestThere are no other Southeast Alaska fishing lodges that compare to our location in the “Inside Passage” of the national forest. Island Point Lodge is just 14 miles south of Petersburg, where you’ll be able to fish in Alaska on Kupreanof Island in the pristine waters of the Alaska Inland Seaway. This includes the Wrangell Narrows, Frederick Sound, Ducan Canal, and Summer Straights with opportunities to catch king, coho, pink, chum, sockeye, and halibut. To make a reservation for the Southeast Alaska salmon season, please fill out the form at Or please call Frank at 1-888-893-2070.