fish in alaskaWith spring just around the corner, we’re approaching yet another record-breaking Southeast Alaska fishing season, which means reserving your stay with Island Point Lodge now is vital! The best part about the upcoming season is that you’ll have access to fish in Alaska in some of the best lakes, streams, and rivers around our lodge. We’re located on the Inside Passage of the Tongass National Forest, which means you’ll be just minutes away from the Alaska Inland Seaway, where the fish are abundant. We’ll go over some of the popular saltwater majestic creatures that thrive in the area and what you can expect to catch during your stay with one of the best Southeast Alaska fishing lodges for saltwater fish.

Salmon, Salmon, and More Salmon

The Tongass National Forest is also commonly referred to as America’s Salmon National Forest, and there are more salmon fish in Alaska in the forest than any other national forest combined. You’ll have prime access to the best Southeast Alaska salmon fishing in the region as we’re located near a salmon hatchery, which will give you a considerable advantage to catch some of the largest salmon you have ever laid your eyes on. Wrestle with the five species of salmon during your stay and head back home with an abundance of fish and memories!

Southeast Alaska Halibut Fishing

While many come to fish in Alaska for salmon, that doesn’t mean that’s all you can expect to catch during your stay at one of the best Southeast Alaska fishing lodges. Halibut thrives in the area, and they are the most popular bottom fish that reside in the Alaska waters. Southeast Alaska halibut fishing is in full swing all summer long, and there’s no wrong time to visit during the popular season.

Dungeness Crab

Another reason we’ve become one of the most popular Southeast Alaska fishing lodges in the area is that we allow you to catch Dungeness Crab as well. The commercial season opens in mid-June and is excellent throughout the rest of the season. If you’re looking to make your way to fish in Alaska along with wanting to catch Dungeness Crab, we suggest booking your stay around June or July for the best opportunities!

Fresh and Saltwater Fishing in Alaska

While you may find other fish in Alaska throughout the season, these are just a few of the saltwater fish you can expect to catch during your stay with Island Point Lodge. If you’re looking to head out to the local rivers and streams during your stay, you’ll find an abundance of freshwater fish as well! The best part about staying with us is that you’ll be able to set out on your own with no guide necessary throughout your stay. This means you can fish anywhere and any time you’d like (even if that means 2:00 a.m.). Reserve your stay at Island Point Lodge under the rates page on our website. You can also call 1-888-893-2070.