alaska fishing seasonThe warmer weather of summer may be coming to a close, but there is still plenty of amazing Alaskan fishing to be had in the late summer and early fall months. With the abundance of prized trophy fish still available in the waters surrounding Petersburg, the Alaska fishing season is far from over. Other outfitters close their doors to guests early, but here at Island Point Lodge great fishing is available well throughout September. Visit our website and plan your trip to this fantastic fishing lodge and take advantage of the end of the Alaska fishing season! Here are a few of the great Alaskan fish you can expect to have on the end of your line at Island Point Lodge.

Silver Salmon

Alaska in general, and especially the waters of our Island Point Lodge, are known throughout the world for the fantastic Salmon fishing. This reputation holds true well into the autumn months with the prized Silver Salmon – or Coho Salmon – still running in October. Take out one of the Lodge’s 18-foot Aluminum Alaskan Lund’s crafts and begin trolling the waters, or cast your line and try your hand at fly-fishing this prized species. These Silver Salmon can reach up to fifteen pounds and are bright silver with black spotting, and can have red-to-maroon sides while spawning.


Another late-season catch you can find while at Island Point Lodge is Halibut. This unique species is the largest flatfish in the world and also has run dates through October. With weights ranging from 100 to 400 pounds, these monster fish are a thrilling and memorable catch, to say the least. Take advantage of the specialty Halibut fishing equipment provided by the Lodge, and start reeling in your greatest catch ever.

Late Alaska Fishing Season

There’s nothing more relaxing than fishing with friends and family on the beautiful waters of southeastern Alaska. Make your way out to Island Point Lodge throughout September to experience the amazing Alaska fishing season.