Fishing is not all about catching fish. It is all about the art and science of finding the schools of fish, casting the bait and spinning the reel in when your line tightens. Fishing is nurturing patience and appreciating the tranquility of the waters and the quiet solitude that a fishing lodge in Petersburg, Alaska offers. If you expect a big catch on your first try, prepare to be disappointed because your dream fish may not choose to swim up to your spot that day.

This fall’s salmon run is ready to start and if you are one of those fishing enthusiasts frequently flocking to the marine life-rich lakes of the upper states, now is the perfect time to book your stay at the Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska. This year’s fishing season schedule will keep the hobbyists busy.

Having fished Halibut all summer, many fall tourists are looking forward to trolling salmons and crabbing at Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska. If you have had enough of Halibuts, you have unlimited supply of other species of fish going upstream such as:

  • King Salmon
  • Coho Salmon
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Pink Salmon
  • Cutthroat Trout
  • Dolly Varden Trout
  • Rock Fish

The friendly and accommodating staffs at Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska know how engrossing fishing can be, so they make sure you have breakfast before going out and your lunch packed ready for take-out. The lodge will provide charter guides if you are an inexperienced fisherman who is setting out for the first time. Life vest and other safety paraphernalia are provided for each boat. The boats are 18-foot Aluminum Alaskan Lunds with outboard motors for easy navigation.

To make sure you don’t miss the fish run dates, Island Point Lodge in Petersburg. Alaska has mapped out the fish season as follows:

  • King Salmon – May to July
  • Red Salmon – middle of June till mid-August
  • Chum Salmon – mid-July till end of August
  • Pink Salmon – mid-July till middle of September
  • Silver Salmon – middle of July till whole month of October
  • Halibut – excellent the whole year

Whichever time of the year you wish to enjoy your holiday, Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska is open to cater to local and foreign visitors. Summer is the most popular time of the year. If you are going during this season, make sure to book early to avail of the lowest rates. Information can be obtained online.