Do you love fishing? Do you find fishing a relaxing activity or a challenging sport? Do you feel excited every time your line tightens? Do you enjoy camping and “roughing it up” on weekends or during summer holidays? Do you love hanging out with friends by the river, having a cold beer while waiting for the lines to get tight? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then, what are you waiting for? Head off to a one of a kind Alaska Fishing Camp in Petersburg!

When work or business begins to wear you out, burn out can’t be far behind. Line fishing is one of the recreational activities anyone can enjoy. The serenity of nature far from the bustling city life is already a stress buster.

Alaska is known to have pristine waters replete with salmon and halibut, both popular fish species that are tasty and good for the heart. Summer time is the peak season for Alaska fishing tours coinciding with the following fish run dates:

  • King Salmon (Chinook) – May to July
  • Red Salmon (Sockeye) – Middle of June to mid-August
  • Chum Salmon (Dog) – Mid-June to August
  • Pink Salmon (Humpies) – Mid-July to mid-September
  • Silver Salmon (Coho) – Mid-July to October
  • Halibut – Abundant from May to October

This schedule is when these species enter the river inlets and lakes in large schools. Other times may be placid but still fishing is fun. The crafts used are made of sturdy Aluminum Alaskan Lund; if you are an experienced boatman, there should be no problem navigating the boat.

A great Alaska fishing camp has basic amenities befitting its natural ambiance. A week of fishing and trolling in the beautiful waters of the Duncan Canal, Wrangler Narrows, Frederick Sound and Summer Straights are worth more than the money you spend to make the trip. If you wish to catch halibut and trout in salt water, you just pay additional charge.

Hot meals are served on time. If you have a medical condition that needs special meals, the staff can prepare a dish according to your preference. Tourists coming in from Seattle will take the early morning flight to Petersburg via Alaska Airlines where you will be met at the airport by the camp’s personnel. There may be a quick stopover at the town center for last minute purchases before going to the camp. For more details about bookings for Alaska fishing tours, schedules and rates, please don’t hesitate to contact the lodge staff.