Summertime is fast approaching, the winter has everyone rushing to book their tickets and confirm hotel reservations to the sunny side of the earth. The beach is an all-time “get away from it all” place, but have you ever experienced spending a refreshing summer week at an Alaska fishing camp where you can go fishing from sunup to sundown? A place where you can cast your line in the middle of a quiet, tranquil lake or down the cool rushing stream? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Back to Basic

At the camp, amenities are down to the basics. If you are used to the comfortable life in the city, you will find the rugged living in the fishing camp an exciting challenge. Mornings start before sunrise with toast and coffee and great company.

Getting up at 3 o’clock in the morning may sound daunting but it is the best time to start preparing bait, double checking your craft, provisions and fishing gear. Before the sun goes up, you will be in the 18 ft-long Aluminum Alaskan Lund, waiting for the lines to tighten. An experienced fisherman knows that the waiting is part of the game.

The Good Catch

Big schools of fish enter the inlet during certain months; peak season is during spawning when salmon goes upstream and halibut is bountiful. The approximate run dates of fish species are as follows:

  • May to July – King Salmon
  • June to August – Red Salmon
  • June to August – Chum Salmon
  • July to September – Pink Salmon
  • July to October – Silver Salmon
  • May to October – Halibut

Fishing Tours

Alaska fishing tours start just before the summer season. Each tour takes about 9 days total, from your point of origin up to the end of the trip. A jet aircraft will take you to Petersburg and one of the staff will pick you up in a van and to the small port. The camp doesn’t have roads for vehicle; you will be taken across to the lodge via boat.

Tour bookings during the summer months are high and it is advised to get your reservations confirmed early to get air fare discount and rooms reserved. The Alaska fishing camp welcomes early birds before the summer season officially starts. For more information about bookings, air transfer and lodging requirements, contact an adventure expert. Try something outside of the box and be surprised and how much it will change your life.