father son activitiesLife becomes all too busy with sporting events, family get-togethers, work deadlines, and so many life happenings that pull you in every other direction. Island Point Lodge offers a secluded Alaska fishing destination with less noise and a peaceful place to build your family connections through one of the best father-son activities. One of the most important things in life is spending time with your son while he’s young and wants to learn as much as possible from the person he admires the most⁠— his dad. It’s vital to make time for father-son activities because before you know it, the kids will be fully grown. Father-son family fishing trips are an essential way to learn about one another and will leave life-lasting memories.

No Guide, No Problem

Take a break from the TV and spend one-on-one time with your boy outdoors during the Alaska fishing season. As for father-son activities, plan a dad vs. son challenge where you can see who reel in the most fish or land the biggest catch of the day. Unlike most Alaska fishing lodges, you’ll be able to have quality time alone during your family fishing trips without the use of guides along. Teaching your little guy how to fly-fish in Alaska using your own techniques instead of a guides could be a family tradition that’s passed on from generation to generation.

Quality Time Away

Petersburg, Alaska, is not only home to peaceful landscapes but will be the perfect place to disconnect from your everyday life stressors. Leave work and home life behind as you escape to the great outdoors bond with your son. You’ll be given rods and reels for trolling, casting and halibut fishing, making room in your suitcase to bring back a keepsake or two from your trip. Enjoy unlimited fishing hours and fish anytime during the day as there are no set schedules, which will be essential for those with a little one along. There are several rivers and streams surrounding the lodge that provide your upcoming little angler the opportunity to fish for arctic char, cutthroat trout and, of course, salmon.

Alaska Fishing Destinations

father son activitiesMaking a list of father-son activities should always include a fishing adventure and the great outdoors at some point in your life. Perhaps your yearly father-son fishing trip will one day turn into father, son, and grandson family fishing trips. Spend an affordable week of salmon or halibut Alaska fishing at our Petersburg, Alaska, fishing lodge. Throughout your stay, you’ll be provided three daily meals and we’ll even filet all of your fish for you at the end of the day. Reserve a spot early so that you’re able to make the necessary airline reservations. Inquire about your upcoming father-son family fishing trips by emailing [email protected] or call 1-800-352-4522.