alaska fishingAs the Alaska king salmon season begins to taper off at Island Point Lodge in July, that doesn’t mean the salmon season, in general, has come to an end. The season of the silvers, coho salmon, begins nearing the end of July and thrives until late October. While the silver salmon are not quite as large as the king salmon, they remain a real candidate to wrestle with while fishing in Alaska. Silvers are aggressive and will most definitely put up a fight with their intense strikes. You can expect these feisty creatures to give you a run for your money as they generally weigh between eight to 12 lbs. However, silvers can reach up to around 30 pounds and are a force to be reckoned with.

How to Land a Silver Salmon

Many of the five species of salmon are drawn in by bright colors such as metallic pinks and purple. Plan to bring a variety of majestic colors that range from pink, royal purple to solid deep blacks. Silvers are smart, so you’ll want to change up your fly colors throughout the day if you want to keep the coho actively participating. Perhaps starting with a beautiful neon pink and transitioning to a deep dark color will prove for an effective progression to keep the silvers engaged throughout your day of fishing in Alaska.

Fly Fishing Technique

Seasoned silver salmon anglers will tell you over and over again to use the lift and sink method while fly fishing in Alaska. Letting your fly sink to the bottom and then lift, then once again drop to lay flat on the bottom and lift. The repeated sink and lift action will get a silver to strike. The thing you need to remember is once the coho salmon strikes you must BE PREPARED! They are fighters as we have said previously and they may just rip your rod right out of your hands if you’re not careful!

Petersburg Alaska Fishing Adventures

alaska fishingWe provide anglers the opportunity to experience fishing anytime throughout the trip, which is just another reason as to why we’re one of the best fishing lodges in Alaska. Unlike other lodges, you’ll be able to relax on your fishing trip to Alaska without being tied to a strict daily schedule. We’ll keep you informed of tide information throughout your stay as well as dinner times. To learn more about a trip to Island Point Lodge, request an information packet by emailing Frank at [email protected].