A photo of a seasoned angler smiling as he holds a king salmon while squatting in the water.Those who’ve experienced it know that Alaska king salmon season is a momentous opportunity to find out what makes landing these massive specimens so exhilarating. Now, we know there are plenty of Alaskan fishing lodges to choose from, but Island Point Lodge is a premier destination—partly due to its proximity to a flourishing king salmon hatchery—but mostly because of our comfortable, yet affordable, accommodations.

Unique Location

Usually, around this time of year, the Alaska king salmon season has concluded in most places around the state, however, from June 1 to July 31, anglers are afforded a larger haul of four king salmon per day by fishing in Petersburg, Alaska. On this Alaskan fishing trip, you could potentially bring home enough fish for you to eat salmon once a week for over a year! Some of the most notable locales in our neck of the woods include Papke’s Landing near Mt. Point and Blind Slough—part of the Blind River.

Finding the Fish

Fishing in Petersburg, Alaska, for kings is something every serious angler should consider, but since you won’t be using a guide, we’ll point you in the right direction. Head about 14 miles south to the Blind River Rapids Trailhead near the Tongass National Forest. Here you will be surrounded by a majestic landscape rife with gorgeous mountains, lush flora, and a diverse animal population. You’ll also find other activities here such as sightseeing and crabbing. If you’re present when the tide goes out, you’ll actually be able to see king salmon making their way through. If you’re smart, you’ll be wetting a line.

Island Point Lodge: Your King Salmon Fishing Destination

Self-guided fishing trips can be an extremely rewarding undertaking. A lot of people have done very well on guided outings, but not all of those people can say they’ve taken home a nice haul all on their own. For seasoned boaters, we offer 18-foot aluminum crafts equipped with outboard motors, and, unlike a guided trip, we let you make your own schedule. If you have a do-it-yourself spirit and are looking for an invigorating challenge, you need to consider Island Point Lodge. There’s no time like the present to book a reservation, so please call us today at 1-800-352-4522.