A fresh bounty of Dungeness crab caught just off the shores of Petersburg, Alaska.Often when we think of Alaska, we are evoked with visions of surreal mountain landscapes, magnificent glaciers, and roaming grizzly bears. However, what may not immediately present itself in your mind’s eye is Dungeness crab in Alaska. The enticement of pulling up fresh ocean crab from Alaska’s crystal clear waters is an unforgettable experience. To better prepare you, we’d like to share some information about these treasured crustaceans.

When to Catch Dungeness Crab in Alaska

The best time to catch Dungeness crab in Alaska is during the incoming tide, for two reasons. One, the outgoing tide is more robust, so the incoming tide makes it easier for crabs to move around the sea-floor without getting washed out and inundated by the ocean waves. Secondly, the incoming tide has a higher salinity density that crabs prefer.

Dungeness Crab Season in Alaska

According to Alaska Public Media, 2019’s Dungeness crab season in Alaska was the highest value year ever reported for the southeast region, a valid sign that their population is thriving. We can’t promise that 2020’s season will be a replica of last year, but we have high hopes. The summer fishery for 2020 Dungeness crab season will open on June 15, and typically the season improves as it continues.

Dungeness Crab Recipes

It wouldn’t be fair of us to tell you all about these delicious crustaceans without giving you some ideas on how to prepare them. Below we feature some amazingly delicious ways to enjoy the Dungeness crab.

Experience Dungeness Crab Fishing at Island Point Lodge

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