It’s a shame salmon season only lasts so long. But, there are many ways to make the time go by a little faster, and you can use that time to improve your fishing skills. Streaming or renting some fishing documentary movies is a fantastic way to prepare and relax in preparation for your fishing getaway at Island Point Lodge. Here is some fishing movies that you can start watching today.

Una The One: A Fly Fishing Documentary

This movie is set in Europe, and it focuses on one of the last free-flowing rivers in the Balkan region. The Una is in danger of being destroyed by a series of hydro dams in the area. It also happens to be a popular area for anglers. Directed by Jonas Borinski, you’ll follow some local guides and learn what makes this river so unique.

Silver King: Birth of Big Game Fishing

Silver King: Birth of Big Game Fishing is a movie about one fish. That’s the silver-scaled tarpon. It’s a fish that has challenged and frustrated anglers for years. In 1885, one angler reeled in a giant tarpon with only a bamboo rod. This sparked broad interest in catching this trophy fish from Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Edison.

Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene

This is an excellent documentary to watch before you visit Island Point Lodge. Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene is a movie about fly fishing and the efforts to protect the wilderness and salmon. The film focuses on the Ozernaya River in Russia.

Track of the Tuna

Track of the Tuna is, as you can guess, all about tuna. You’ll learn about the long journey tuna participate in from birth to mating and their threats from fishing boats. This documentary is also the only free documentary on this list. You can watch it right now on YouTube.

Kick Back, Enjoy, and Learn about Your Favorite Lifestyle

There’s a lot to enjoy and learn from these documentaries. All are beautiful and insightful for any angler. It will be great prep for when you stay at Island Point Lodge. It is one of the best fishing destinations in Alaska. Visit our travel blog for tips, attractions, and fishing advice. We recommend you book fast to secure a spot for next year’s Alaska fishing season. Reach out to us for more information or make a reservation. For more details, be sure to visit our rates page or call 800-352-4522 today.