When you are home, and it is the offseason for prime Alaska fishing, one way to keep yourself occupied until your next fishing trip is to queue up a fishing podcast. There are almost too many to choose from today. There’s no doubt that you will be able to fill this downtime quickly until you embark on another fishing excursion to Island Point Lodge in Alaska. Load your podcast app with episodes from these stellar fishing podcast shows.

Ike Live Fishing Talk Show with Mike Iaconelli

If you’ve heard of his name before, then why haven’t you checked out his podcast? Mike “Ike” Iaconelli is a BASS and FLW tournament bass fishing champion and this talk show host. It mainly focuses on bass fishing. The show has had anglers like Kevin VanDam and Gerald Swindle for interviews and more.

Addicted Fishing

Addicted Fishing Podcast will cover many species of fish that you will find in southeast Alaska. The hosts will discuss steelhead, salmon, bass, walleye, trout, and more. This podcast has been going strong since 2009, so there is a bevy of content for you to listen to while you wait for things to heat up.

Tom Rowland Podcast

Tom Rowland has done a lot in his life, so he has a lot of wisdom to share regarding fitness and the outdoors. He’s a fishing guide in both fresh and saltwater. You may have seen him on TV since he created and starred in a television show on ESPN and OLN Networks. The exhibition brings on a variety of guests, and Tom shares plenty of his experiences fishing as well.


This is another interview-style podcast, but it’s one of the best around. You will join angler April Vokey as she has conversations with some of the most seasoned anglers and hunters. You’ll hear never-before-heard tales and tips about what it means to explore the wilderness.

Spend the Offseason Finding a New Way to Pass the Time

You can’t be fishing all the time. But, when you are not casting into the water, you can spend your time listening and learning about fishing. Heck, you could even listen to a fishing podcast when you get up here to Alaska and the Island Point Lodge. It is one of the best fishing destinations in Alaska. Visit our travel blog for tips, attractions, and fishing advice. We recommend you book fast to secure a spot for next year’s Alaska fishing season. Reach out to us for more information or make a reservation. For more details, be sure to visit our rates page or call 800-352-4522 today.