If you are planning a trip to Alaska during the fishing season, you might need some suggestions for what to bring. Many visitors to the Island Point Lodge are in the same shoes as you. So we’ve put together a helpful list of things to pack before you leave for Alaska. Don’t worry if you forget something. Petersburg, Alaska, is a fishing destination, so there are several places in and around the city to find what you need during the fishing season. Bring this list to the store and your Alaska fishing trip.

Here’s What Island Point Lodge Has For You

Before you head out to the store to stock up for your fishing trip, let us tell you about what the Island Point Lodge has for you when you arrive. Go ahead and bring your gear if you want to, but we have some of the bases covered.

  • Breakfast and dinner
  • A boat and the appropriate equipment will be assigned to you and your party
  • Rods and reels for trolling, casting, and halibut fishing
  • A complete information package explaining Island Point Lodge operations in detail is available upon request

Here’s What You Can Bring On Your Alaska Fishing Trip

While we can’t offer everything to you, we can provide you with some tips for what to bring to Alaska.

  • Medium weight jacket
  • Dress in layers underneath your coat. It makes it easier to warm up or cool down when you are outside all day.
  • Flexible and breathable pants
  • Long underwear
  • Multiple pairs of socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Battery charger
  • Binoculars
  • Ziplock bags to keep electronics dry
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Fishing license
  • Fishing vest
  • Tacklebox or bag

Start Preparing For The Best Fishing Trip Yet

We think that you will have everything you need for an unforgettable fishing season in Petersburg, Alaska. Book your fishing trip at Island Point Lodge as soon as possible. We have affordable rates, contemporary lodging, and a dedicated staff. Again you’ll want to be early for your fishing adventure at Island Point Lodge. We’re at one of the top Alaskan fishing lodges for anglers. For more information on how we can help plan your Alaskan getaway, please visit us online or call 800-352-4522.