Hunting Black Bear and fishing for Halibut are among the most popular things to do that attract people around the globe to Alaska. The endless miles of forest and rivers make it the perfect place to catch that big one or participate in an epic bear hunt. If this interests you, you must book your stay at Island Point Lodge immediately. Alaska is the best place to begin your summer fishing or black bear hunting adventure.

Self-Guided Bear Hunting And Fishing

Island Point Lodge offers a ten-day self-guided Alaska Black Bear hunt and self-guided Halibut fishing combination trip in spring. Head out into the wilderness for the week of May 13-20 or May 14-June 2.

You find the bear yourself, shoot it, gut it, bring it back to the lodge, and skin the bear preparing the hide for the Fish and Game inspection. The spring bears will be coming out of hibernation. They will be found primarily on the beaches feeding on the spring grasses and clams. They will most likely be waiting for the sun to come out to warm themselves. This will allow hunters to fish for Halibut. Halibut limits are two per day, any size.

Tips And Pointers

Before you head out on a fishing and hunting trip, you should start planning. Here are some essential things that should lead to a successful hunt.

  • Bring some binoculars. It will help when you are searching for black bears on the beach.
  • Once you are sure you’ve spotted a black bear, check for wind direction, circle downwind, and go ashore to stalk the bear.
  • Never leave your boat unattended. If you do, you will return to find the boat grounded or floating away with the tide. We have very high and low tides. The water moves quickly.
  • For more information regarding licenses in Petersburg, you can call the Petersburg Fish And Game at 907-772-3801. Some licenses require a drawing, and then there are over-the-counter licenses. The Fish And Game office will brief you on your choices.

Book Now And Start Planning

Black Bear hunting and fishing are some of the most popular activities to do in Alaska. So book directly now to secure your place at Island Point Lodge. If you plan into 2023, you should know about our Large Group Special. For groups of 12 or more, receive a $100 discount off your 2023 fishing trip. Hurry and book now because we are one of the top Alaskan fishing lodges for anglers. For more information on how we can help plan your Alaskan getaway, please visit us online or call 800-352-4522.