Getting the opportunity to visit Petersburg, Alaska, for fishing is an incredible experience. You are bound to catch more than enough fish while you are here. But, do you know how to prepare your catch? There are plenty of essential recipes that you can find for your salmon and Alaskan Halibut catches. Here are some less traditional salmon and Alaskan Halibut recipes that Island Point Lodge enjoys.

Teriyaki Salmon and Zucchini Noodle Bowl

Bowl of Delicious has a great, healthy, and low-carb recipe for your salmon. This bowl takes about 15 minutes to make. If you are a fan of zoodles or teriyaki, then this is a recipe that you will have to try because this meal bursts with fantastic flavor.

Pan-Roasted Halibut, Chickpeas, and Chorizo

The combination of meat and fish makes for a delicious pairing. This recipe is based on a Spanish dish that often pairs chorizo with sausage. Here, halibut makes for a fantastic substitute. In total, this meal will take a little more than an hour to prepare.

Salmon Sliders with Yogurt-Cucumber-Dill Sauce

Suppose you are hosting a party or intend to eat many burgers in one sitting. These salmon sliders take around 45 minutes to prepare. We also recommend including the yogurt-cucumber-dill sauce. It makes this meal stand out. However, salmon sliders on their own are great small plate delights.

Thai-Style Halibut with Coconut-Curry Broth

This Thai-Style halibut with coconut-curry broth is an effortless meal to make. Furthermore, it’s quick to prepare, coming in at about 30 minutes. If it isn’t spicy enough for your tastes, you can easily add some heat without ruining the other flavors.

Plan a Meal Ahead of Time

You won’t have to worry about leaving Alaska empty-handed. You’ll be heading back home with the great memory of a delicious meal if you use one of these salmon and Alaskan Halibut recipes from your stay at Island Point Lodge. We are one of the best fishing destinations in Alaska. Visit our travel blog for tips, attractions, and fishing advice. We recommend you book fast to secure a spot for next year’s Alaska fishing season. Reach out to us for more information or make a reservation. For more details, be sure to visit our rates page or call 800-352-4522 today.