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Petersburg Alaska Fishing Report

2807, 2020

Halibut Fishing in Alaska with Island Point Lodge

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The best part about self-guided fishing is you can fish how you want when you want. The only scheduled events are breakfast and dinner, which our house chef will post in the lodge. Halibut fishing in Alaska takes a lot of energy, so you’ll be grateful for that hearty breakfast and lunch come dusk.

1506, 2020

Get Hooked on Fly Fishing in Alaska

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The abundance of trout and salmon provided by the Alaskan wilderness is in no small part due to the mindful conservation of our crystal clear waters and pristine alpine wilderness. By now, most people have gone fishing with a standard rod and reel at least once in their lifetime, but not everyone has had the privilege to experience fly fishing in Alaska. Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska, is the quintessential destination for those seeking solitude and tranquility in one of the state's most productive fisheries.

2105, 2020

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing at Island Point Lodge

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Early-summer is possibly the best time to fish in Alaska. While Island Point Lodge is undoubtedly a premier destination for summer salmon and halibut fishing, we'd like to shed some light on one of our other favorite targets: Alaska rainbow trout. Compared to the rest of the state, Petersburg, Alaska, has a rather large concentration of rainbow trout streams and inlets.

2104, 2020

Dungeness Crab in Alaska with Island Point Lodge

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Often when we think of Alaska, we are evoked with visions of surreal mountain landscapes, magnificent glaciers, and roaming grizzly bears. However, what may not immediately present itself in your mind’s eye is Dungeness crab in Alaska. The enticement of pulling up fresh ocean crab from Alaska’s crystal clear waters is an unforgettable experience. To better prepare you, we’d like to share some information about these treasured crustaceans.

2903, 2020

A Look Ahead: Fishing in Petersburg, Alaska

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Those who’ve experienced it know that Alaska king salmon season is a momentous opportunity to find out what makes landing these massive specimens so exhilarating. Now, we know there are plenty of Alaskan fishing lodges to choose from, but Island Point Lodge is a premier destination—partly due to its proximity to a flourishing king salmon hatchery—but mostly because of our comfortable, yet affordable, accommodations.

303, 2020

Freshwater Fish in Alaska

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Everyone knows that summer brings the most anticipated Southeast Alaska salmon fishing season to Island Point Lodge and all around the state from May through July. With that being said, that shouldn't take your attention away from the opportunity you'll have to freshwater fly fish as well! The rivers and lakes around our lodge are teeming with the five species of salmon and halibut for saltwater fish in Alaska, along with opportunities to catch freshwater beauties as well, such as Dolly Varden/Arctic Char, Cutthroat Trout, and Steelhead. Immerse yourself in one of the most spectacular regions on the earth on Kupreanof Island in Southeast Alaska, where the saltwater and freshwater fish await your arrival!

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