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8 01, 2021

Petersburg Alaska: Travel Packing List and Travel Tips

2021-01-08T21:04:12+00:00Alaska Fishing Lodges, Island Point Lodge, Kupreanof Island, Travel Tips|

Although you may have never been to Alaska before, you have likely heard the anecdotes about bringing a wide variety of clothing because of the weather. While we certainly won’t debate that logic, there is a lot more to consider for your travel packing list than dressing in layers. It may not seem like it now, but springtime will arrive quickly, and Island Point Lodge is getting ready for eager anglers like you and the upcoming Alaska fishing season. After booking your all-inclusive Alaska fishing trip, we suggest using our travel packing list as a template while making a few [...]

22 12, 2020

Fishing in Alaska: 3 Reasons to Book Your Trip Now

2020-12-22T22:29:52+00:00Alaska Fishing Lodges, Island Point Lodge, Kupreanof Island|

Early booking is the most surefire way to ensure you get lodging and dates you want to be in Petersburg. Making an effort to plan right away after your reservation is in place is critical to making the most of your time, so to offer a little inspiration, we put together three reasons to book your trip early.

23 08, 2019

Silver Alaska Fishing Season

2019-08-24T02:08:30+00:00Alaska Fishing Lodges, Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges, Alaska King Salmon Season, Island Point Lodge, Kupreanof Island, Petersburg Alaska Hotels|

As the Alaska king salmon season begins to taper off at Island Point Lodge in July, that doesn’t mean the salmon season, in general, has come to an end. The season of the silvers, coho salmon, begins nearing the end of July and thrives until late October. While the silver salmon is not quite as large at the king salmon, they remain a candidate to wrestle with while fishing in Alaska. Silvers are aggressive and will most definitely put up a fight with their intense strikes. You can expect these feisty creatures to give you a run for your money as they generally weigh between eight to 12 lbs. However, silvers can reach up to around 30 pounds and are a force to be reckoned with.

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