A top-down view of a delicious Alaskan salmon and halibut recipe.Fishing around Kupreanof Island and the Inside Passage presents some of the most incredible opportunities at personal best catches and plentiful bounties. When anglers come to Island Point Lodge, they search for an authentic experience that allows them to immerse themselves in the chase with minimal assistance. As such, many of our guests find one of the most rewarding aspects of Ketchikan self-guided fishing is indulging in their prize upon returning home. After all, with such high catch rates, you can expect a full freezer of delicious delicacies. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same culinary insight, and some anglers may grow tired of using standard preparations. In other words, it’s essential to get creative with your meals, so we decided to share a few Alaskan salmon and halibut recipes to offer some different ways to enjoy these oceanic offerings.

Alaskan Salmon Recipes

As you probably know, the Inside Passage is home to a wide range of native salmon species. Here on Kupreanof Island, you’ll have access to massive kings, wiley cohos, and delectable sockeyes. When it comes to cooking seafood, there is a high likelihood that salmon was one of your first endeavors, but there remains much to consider. For one, coho can taste a little gamier than kings or sockeye. Secondly, wild salmon are not as fatty as those from salmon farms, so it is somewhat susceptible to drying out.

Four ways to prepare: Oven-baked salmon, grilled salmon, pan-seared salmon, poached salmon.

Alaskan Halibut Recipes

Contrary to popular belief, Alaskan halibut is reasonably common and can be found at most grocery stores. But still, unless you live somewhere with access to fresh cuts, store-bought halibut is hard to compare to what you’ll bring home from Petersburg. The most critical thing to remember is to use a generous amount of oil for baking and grilling. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that any potential marinade doesn’t undermine halibut’s distinct flavor.

Three ways to prepare: Oven-baked halibut, grilled halibut, and pan-seared halibut.

DIY Alaska Fishing Resort on Kupreanof Island

A group of avid anglers proudly display their Alaskan salmon bounty.The only thing better than self-guided fishing adventures in Alaska is taking home a healthy bounty and finding new salmon and halibut recipes to try out. There’s nothing quite like having the gang over for supper and being able to tell them they are eating what you caught. Not only will our knowledgeable staff point you in the right direction on where to find the most prized sea fare, but they’ll also fillet and store it for you too! And remember, it’s never too soon to book your trip as spots can fill up quickly, and we’re already booking for 2022! Earlier reservations will ensure you get the lodging options you want for the dates you want to be here, so act now!

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